I fixed my lower tree, (my bikes lower tree)

After a crash on the street last year with my two day old BRP, (how she earned her name "Bang Bang Betty"), the handlebar was crooked. I suspected the bottom clamp was tweeked and tried to get one from Emig but they had nothing in stock "two weeks" - three months later they called and I had other places to spend the money.

Well - I stumbled on to this article where Beemer boys are straightening their lower trees.


I tried it and it worked. You check the forks with a piece of glass, (mine were way out), then you use a chunk of wood and a strap to tweek them back. It's easy to do.

Mine are dead nuts on now and it cost me nothing :)

I think you should get a SRC Fork Brace man

it really beefs up your fork I imagine it would stop bending and tweeking, well I hope so cause I got one!


I've got one - one of the best mods to the BRP you can do.

Yes it is quit the piece, Im not sure how much it helps cause I had only riden my bike 2 times when I installed it

Its been a long winter!

I picked it up for $200 cdn, thats about 1000 US hehe!~

it was a good deal and they were getting rid of old stock so I scooped it up, good insurance if anything!

later! :)

A) To prevent any damage to the motorcycle, do not "crash".

:) Motorcycles are not dangerous, but "crashing" is.

C) "Crashing" results in a sudden stop, which may be painful and/or cause damage to your XR650R. It could even cause damage to your own body! So try to avoid crashing.

D) Remember, it's not the "crash" that hurts, it's that sudden stop.

Hope you find this informative, stupid, funny, whatever ..


P.S. Please quit crashing the bike, it's bad for it. And it might scare an onlooker.

I am going to print that message and tape it to my tank. When the trail gets real complicated I will be looking down and reading that :)

hahahahh glad you liked that! Actually, I was using the stock handlebar, and it becomes pretzel time when a fall occurs, it's that soft. I have since gotten an aftermarket bar. I guess Honda figures most riders are going to put their favorite aftermarket handlebar on anyway, and so they just provide a "generic" bar for the masses.

That's a really cool icon you got there man!

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