Swapping Front 03 YZ Springs for 05 WR Springs???

So my buddy has an 03 YZ with some really stiff springs and way too hard for his little 165lb girly frame. Just too much for him.

I have stock springs in my 05WR and they are way to spongy for my 250lb all man frame.

Can we swap the springs from bike to bike? :worthy:

Additional info: The 03 YZ springs are from Race Tech and set up for the original owner, he weighed about 200lb's. I know that less than me, but can the springs still be swapped from YZ to WR and vise-versa?

If his 03 is a yz450f, it has a stock .46 spring rate. If your 05 is WR450, it also has a .46 spring rate. Also, he has a 46mm fork and you have a 48mm.


The '03 YZ450 has the 46mm fork, and uses 41.2x462mm springs.

The '05 WR has 48mm forks, and uses 43.5x461mm springs.

They don't interchange.

AWESOME! that's what I needed to know. Thanks GR.

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