gncc taper?

hey all. :D

last fall an awesome TT member (sorry if you are reading this, but can't remember SN :)) taped like 8 rounds of the 02 gncc series off of OLN and sent me a copy due to my lack of OLN. That tape rocks. coverage was great.

well i was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing that again this season. taping each of the gncc events and at the end of the season, making me a copy of the tape.

i will reimburse for the tape (and add a little extra for your effort. :D)

:confused:any takers? :D


racer36 :D


Do you have a time listing? :)

XRracer36 this year it's on speed channel, but they haven't annouced the schedule yet. If you don't get speed I'll tape them and will make you a copy.

sweet wrench. sounds good. just let me know what you want for it. you can pm me or something.

thanks a bunch. :D

racer36 :)

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