Throttle Stop Length

Here's my 2 Cents......

I cut my WR450 throttle stop off 11mm. This left the length at .910". Yesterday I got the 2 YZ450 throttle stops I ordered a Month ago. They guessed it! .910" overall length. Please note that the fine folks at Dirt Bike stated that 18mm was the magic number. IT IS NOT! Cut 11mm off your WR450 stop and save 10 bucks from Yamaha (They already got $6000 to $7000 of your hard earned bucks! Hope this helps- did I mention that .910 overall is the magic number? :)

does the .910 include the head of the screw or just the shaft?

I cut mine to .912 - Over all length including the head of the cap screw.

is that the same lenght for a 98' wr400f ?

if so, sorry european person here, what is .910" in mm ??? :-)

Mines a 99WR. This is how I cut it: (I figure same as a 98?)

take off enough of the stop so that 9mm remains from the head of the bolt to the end. My stop stock was 17mm so I took off 8mm with a dremmel tool (easy to do).

thanks MOMilkman.. :)

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