What type of plate should I use

I am ready to replace the genuine clutch fibers in my WR400 Y2K.I have had it since new and that was about 300 hrs ago .I have recently fitted a rekluse z start to it and will be fitting a Hinson basket at the same time as the fibers.Does any one have any suggestions on the best type and brand of plate to use .The oem is almost as much as some of the (promoted as ) better material aftermarket gear.Does anyone know who really makes the OEM plates for Yamaha??Cheers for anyones thoughts:thumbsup: :worthy:

The common thing is to use Honda fiber plates because they have more material. I haven't done this yet, but I will on my next clutch change.

mmm thats an interesting theory .I might research that.Thanks I may have to be carefull of the stack hieght though.Less plates maybe .or is it a matter of thous/tenths

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