What Helmet to buy

Which helmet is the coolest to wear. I am going to buy a new helmet and I want one that I can remove the liner to wash. I want to know which one is the coolest to wear.

I'm a big fan of Shoei or Arai. Both very good helmets. They are ventilated and the insides come out for cleaning. I broke my Shoei in a get off I had a while back so I have been using an HJC that I had as a spare. Not nealy as good but not that bad either if you are on a budget.

No question.......get the ARAI :)

I am thinking of buying a new FLY Lite helmet only 2.75 lbs. and snell 2000 approved and 199.00

Thor's SVR isn't too bad if your looking for a lid that's good quality & cost effective. Check out the Fox Pilot too. It's more expensive than the Thor, but it's really comfortable and you can get RC or Bubba replicas if you like the fluff factor. Otherwise, you can't go wrong the the Arai if you have the money. Nothing's more comfortable, light weight, durable, or... Spendy!

Personally, Icannot understand why someone would ever spend 6K on a race bike and then spend $149 on a helmet.....That make absolutely zero sense to me.

Quality protection is a must in my book.

my 2 cents.

Bonzai :)

I'm with 'Kaze on this one, but I see it with an added restriction: comfort. I go by the old adage, "If you've got a $10 head, buy a $10 helmet" (Mine was $14.95) All it takes is one inferior helmet and you're... well, nevermind.

When I buy helmets, I buy what offers the MOST protection AND fits me the best. For the life of me, I can't find a Bell helmet that will fit properly. The last Shoei I had left sore spots on my melon after a 6 hour ride. I wound up with an Arai VX Pro. Best lid I've ever used because it fits my head. It's that simple.


I have been using the HJC, CLX-3. It's around $120, comes with Snell and DOT approval, comfortable, removable liner and resilient. I have personally tested mine :) not that I wanted to but, after the last crash I may upgrade to the lighter version of the CLX (old helmet is trashed). It's less than 3 pounds and is only $200.



I'm glad to see you retired the old helnet after testing it. Most people don't realize one good thump to the helmet could damage the inside of the helmet but still look ok on the outside.

Once the inside is broken, it's just a little better than not wearing one at all.

If I ring my bell on a get off, that helmet hits the shelf for good. Better safe than sorry. :)

I also agree that the best helmet for you is the one that fits the best and is the most comfortable. Try on a lot! Most manufactures make helmets with different shell shapes for different heads.


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