Im having a problem with my 99wr400 which i dont know if its a problem or if it normal but the hose that comes off the top of the cylinder head(crankcase breather????) leaks out oil after a good ride and also the hose that comes out of the airbox or filter box which has a clamp on a seethrough hose is also filling up with what looks like coolant but feels like oil anybody know what im talking about let me know the bike has only 200 miles on it.

head vent IS normal. The head vent sucks in when kicking over your bike; it blows out when the engine is running.

As for the drain plug on your airbox, if you wash your bike, or water gets into the airbox...

I myself removed that drain clamp. I was riding through water and got water into the box. The water then went into the carb and came to rest inside my engine.

Yeah, I know now I have a DEFINITE path into my air box, but at least it can drain out!

I have it to where my air box can drain as well. No problems noted to date.


you can get a drain plug from honda xr6 1996. It is great and it will not allow anything in, but water out.


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