This will be a booger I'm sure

Ok, I went to take my shrouds off the other day and uh oh, one of the screws was seized and would not loosen up. I could feel the tab twisting in the plastic of the tank.

I have always heard of this problem but had never had it. Has anyone figured out a way to remedy this situation?


Not sure about a remedy, but I have heard of people using plastic milk carton material melted down a bit to patch holes or cracks in fuel tanks. I guess it's the same basic material. This might work to sort of "glue" it back in, but that's assuming you get it out in the first place. Good luck.

The way to fix it is to prevent it from happening. Use antiseize on every nut and bolt.

Millions upon millions of posts about this in every make forum.

It's an easy fix:

- Get a cordless drill, put in on the highest speed setting

- Put in correct tip for stuck fastener bolt/screw head

- Spin the entire assembly, screw and spinning tank fastener at once, fast.

- If you spin it fast enough, it will melt the small amount of plastic holding the formally captive nut in place

- Remove all other shroud bolts the regular way

- Remove captured fastener on back of Shroud, from bolt

- Re-install removed tank fastener with JB Weld or similar and let set.


While you are at it, if you have had this 'electrolytic corrosion' on the tank shroud bolts, just wait till you try and remove your swingarm adjuster bolts. They are probably stuck by now. If not, add the anti-sieze before it's too late.

When you go to jbweld it back in, make sure you have the bolt installed in the fastener with anti seize on it already, that way, when the jb weld is set up, you can just turn the bolt out and refasten the shroud, not putting the bolt into the fastener can lead to JB weld in places that bottom the bolt out prematurely, keeping your plastic loose on the bike.

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