kickstarter wanted

my bro is in the market for a new kickstarter and doesn't have the funds to pay oem or bbr. he has a 98 yz400f (one of the yzf's with a gimpy little starter) and ahs had no problem with it snapping or anything, but it is worn out (keeps poppping out while mx-ing) and he could use a little more leverage on the engine when starting (only like 125 lbs.) so a longer kicker would help.

anybody who bought a bbr kicker for style willing to part with your old stocker affordably?



take the old assembly apart and put a slightly bigger ball bearing in it

Originally posted by wrong:

take the old assembly apart and put a slightly bigger ball bearing in it

Thats all you need to do.

Just be careful when you pull the lever and the lever mount apart. A tiny spring and a small ball bearing will come out. Just find a bearing a bit bigger and he is good to go.

I've got one, it's yours for $50 and I'll pay the shipping.


is that the gay little original L-shaped kickstarter that was prone to snappage, or one of the ones with the bend in the middle like what comes on the new ones?

if it's like what comes on the new ones, we'll take it. e-mail me @

thanks guys, you rock.

racer36 :)

If anyone has a short one off a 2stroke or aftermarket, I'd be very interested...

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