09 yamaha triple clamp off-set

hey everyone i have a 09 yamaha on the way and i was just wondering if you guys are running different off set triple clamps to help the bike in the turns, and if you aren't are you guys doing anything? different linkages? anything to help set the bike up from you yamaha experts would be helpful!!

Thank you

Hey 7, I just got one as well, and from what I can tell the bike works very well once sag is set, and you play around with fork height in the clamps.

ok cool. what are you running sag wise and how high do you have your forks? just curious

your best bet is to try different setups.. most yamis are running between 95-103mm of sag. and most are raising the forks 5mm or to the first line on the fork leg..

but again everyone is different in what they want their bike to do so play around a bit..

I prefer a firm set up and what works for me may not work for you. Depending on the dirt/track I am at i will change things up a little but Slinky is on the money. I am right around the 99-100 mark and up 4mm in the clamps. I olny have 1 ride on the bike so who knows where I will end up once the suspension is broken in.

After being on CRF's for the last 7 years I was blown away by the stock KYB.... I have had valved suspension on my Honda's that was not as good...lol. With some time and possibly some work, this thing is going to be awesome....

I'm running aftermarket suspension on my 09' so my settings and sag will not help you at all... I'm told to run the 22 mm offset RG3 clamps which gives a few mm more trail which stabilizes the bike considerably. He does know his stuff, since he does all the bikes on the Yamaha factory team up here in Canada. I have had other suspensions before like Enzo etc and this is the best my far. So I would like to try the 22's but they are pricey from RG3, I know I don't have to have RG3 but I love there rubber mounted clamps! :worthy:


I put 22.5mm offset clamps from Pro-Taper on my 08. At first I wasn't so sure it made much difference. After riding it more I've realized how much more confidence I have in the turns now. I can lean into a corner and it actually wants to turn and not stand up. My sag is about 90-95mm and my fork tubes stick up 5mm. I haven't noticed any loss in high speed stability.

It is the best turning Yamaha I've ever ridden.....

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