Have New WR450 - Need mods

Hey WR guys,

I spend all of my time on the YZ side so I need your help. My buddy just bought a new WR and I need to know what good mods he can do for more power. I have read a little bit about the throttle stop, what does this do?

Thanks for any help,


The throttle stop keeps the trhottle form going past 50%. Take it out and either replace it with a YZ or cut it to 23mm like many of us did. Take out the snorkle in the top of the airbox and remove the stock baffle and replace it with the GYT-R insert. Cut the grey wire, Rplace the stock chain. Mine Broke at 45 miles I got lucky and didn't lose my case but it tore up the plastic case saver. Make sure you have the flywheel retorqued to 47lbs and check it periodically. THere are many mods but theses are the basics. You can search the posts and find them all.

Jonsey- Thanks, that is just what I was looking for. Is cutting the grey wire just like cutting the blue wire on the YZ? I did it to mine and it sure made a difference.

Thanks again,


I don't think it is the same. Don't take my word for it though. Cutting or more acurately disconecting the grey wire gives you a different CDI map.

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