How often do you check the oil pressure bolt?

I confess, I dont loosen the bolt to check for oil pressure. I did it after the bikes first oil change but the dang thing leaked while on the trail. When I got back I had to slightly overtighten it to get it to seal. How often do you check? Every oil change?

I check mine on my 426 every change, just as recommended. It shouldn't leak if torqued to the correct spec. 18Nm (13ft-lb.) on mine.

Never :worthy:

I checked mine once.... after I put a new crank, mains, and pump/rotor in it. I was a little paranoid I guess. :worthy:

to be honest i never checked it, and to be even more honest i dident even no we had a oil pressure bolt

Mine gets checked every new top end :worthy:

So this means about once every 6 years :lol:

It's recommended to check it at every oil change.

Everytime I change the oil I check the oil pressure. Seems like a no brainer.

I seldom ever check it. Unless you are using a Ready Racing filter cover, or some other cover besides the original that does not have the tab extension that prevents the inverted installation of the filter, there isn't anything you can do during an oil change that can keep it from circulating oil, short of forgetting to refill the bike.

I usually just give the starter a flip while the oil filter's out and watch for a discharge from the main feed passage in the filter well. It would actually make more sense to check oil pressure each time you ride, but since most people don't change their oil each ride, that doesn't happen, and since the threads in the check bolt are not steel lined, they would not survive this in the long term.

What I'd like to see is a fitting tapped into the oil system with a visual tell tale pin that would extend (or retract) when oil pressure was present, so it could be checked any time. That, or a physical, visual check of circulation as was traditional years ago on virtually everything with a dry sump system.

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