Internet Explorer users look!

I just came across a little piece of software that may be invaluable for those of you using Internet Explorer. A fast, easy to use spelling checker.

Go to and check it out. small download, you can add your own words to the user dictionary (for bike, supplier and part names) and you can choose US, Canadian or UK dictionaries. I know that I am not the best typist, and often have to go back and edit my posts to correct spelling mistakes... I know we now have the "Preview Post" option, but this is a nice little utility, IMHO.

I have no association with the software authors, nor do I want to see any debate or opinions on netscape vs. Microsoft vs. etc...


10x dude!

OK - I might be kinda dense but when I went to it it said mirror site 1, mirror site 2 or mirror site 3 or something else to the right I forget. What do I click on for english. The download button took me there without any explanations. WHassup? thanks

All I have to add is.... Some of you need this really bad ! :)

Lets not name any names, Ego, I mean you know who you are. :D


I'm saved Yippee Yahoo :)

Wow I just noticed I'm a gold member, Now that I can spell I'm a gold member, I'm a gold member

Fryboy Whatz U takin bout

[ September 13, 2002, 06:39 AM: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

David, thanks for the link. Got it, love it! :)

As my fellow moderators will attest, reading lots of messages can be tiresome, and worse when people start using that BBS shorthand like "R u an agita8r 2day?" and similar... hopefully it will make our jobs easier, as well as benefit the wider TT community with more clarity and ease of reading posts.

It is only available in English, but you choose the country variation such as US, UK or Canadian once it is installed.

Ego, I dedicate this program to you! :):D

Just make sure you have the cursor in the box, right click, and choose 'Check Spelling' so simple...


[ September 13, 2002, 03:15 PM: Message edited by: yamaha.dude ]

Bump... and it's free! Don't we all love free mods that actually work? :)

you cannot beat free shareware THAT WORKS GREAT!!!

Thanks David!!!!! :D:):D:D

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