03 WR450 removing Air box baffle

Question: removing AIRBOX Baffle.

on the 03 WR450 with the side cover air box it Looks like it seems to be spot welded and doesn't remove easy (didn't want to break the air box or battery holder)

has anyone done this or know how to ??

I've done all the other mods....throttle stop, pipe, grey wire. accelerator pump tweak, stiffer springs in the forks moose tubes and chain.


I rode a 99 WR400 for three seasons in hare scrambles and dualsport/desert rides and loved it.

the 03 is even better and a blast to ride.

why take it out? it is there for a reason...you'll find out why when you cross a stream and water splashes under the seat and the air filter sucks water in.

leave it ALONE!

trust me.


Water will seep in around the side cover long before you have to worry about it getting in under the seat. Maybe you haven 't washed your bike yet and noticed the water in the drain tube . If you get into a crossing deep enough to get water under the seat you have alot more to worry about than a missing snorkel. Maybe while your at it you should take some Rv seal, caulk, and duct tape and seal up your "easy access side plate". Sorry got on a rant. Take out the baffle and don't worry about it.


The only problem with removing the baffle is you need three hands.......... A flat screwdriver in each hand and a pair of pliers in the other one.. Jamb a screwdiver down one either side of the metal clip that holds the battery rubber band on, then pry back to front. This will release the tabs that lock the baffle in place. Then with your nonexistant 3rd hand pull the baffle out with the pliers.

I wouldn't worry too much about drowning the bike in water unless the water is seat deep!!!!!!!! Your bike will thank you for this because it will be able to BREATH.


When I removed mine I noticed the battery hold down catch had a rivet the pretruded into the airbox snorkle. I used a drill to cut the plastic of the snorkle so that I could get it around the rivet. It took a little time but it finally came out. Don't worry about water getting in. If water gets that high it would get by the snorkle too. Plus, the performance benefit far out weighs that possibility

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