Bloomfield, NM ride in Oct

Yes my fellow biker brethern, it is almost time for the semi-annual Bloomfield, NM run. We will be going Oct 25-27. Spectacular single track and hill climbing. Anyone who would like to come are welcome. We drive from southern Arizona(approx 7-8 hrs) to go twice per year and yes, it is worth the drive. For more details, post or send a pm

Later DrD

Hey ........sounds cool.

I was trying to make the WCTTR 02' but probably wont be able to.

But this sounds great and it is a little closer to my neck of the woods.....urrrrr.......Dez!!

Think only about 6hrs from me!

Let me know exact details in a Pm or Email

I would probably have 1 more with.......Ummmmm

do uummmmm can.......ummmmmmm would a Katooma guy be allowed????!!! :D

I could get him to at least wear a blue helmet!!! :)

Let me know!

We are color blind so any color bike is welcome, even 2-strokes. Come on guys any taker besides John H and Thumpin rock chucker :)

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