? for someone that has done WR to YZ timing. *PICS

Guys, Im going to try out the YZ timing and see if I like it. Im in the middle of doing it right now out in the garage and I moved the exhaust cam (1 tooth?) as specified in the instructions clockwise.

Look at this pic>>> HERE

I moved the cam sprocket from where the line is pointing to where the dot is now.

Did I move it right or did I move it too far?

Just want to make sure before I start re-assembly.

Thanks :)

Damn, you caught me at the office!

Darrin, I think you moved your sprocket 2 teeth, not one. Let me look again, but I think you went one too far. Start with 14 pins inbetween the dots at 12, turn it one tooth, end up with 13. I think you are past the 13 mark.

Am I wrong? Will look and find out prior to going home...

It looks to me like you went 1 pin too far. I did the YZ timing thing...normally there should be 13 pins between the punch marks. When you chage to YZ timing, there should be 12.

Also, don't expect it to run well right away. If you don't rejet it leaner you won't be happy. I was very unimpressed and disappointed with YZ timing until I rejetted. Now I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now I am going to change my numbers, start with 13, end up with 12 pins in-between the two dots that started at 12. As I look at your photo, though, it looks to me like there are two teeth inbetween where your exhaust dot started, and where it ended up. Am I wrong?

I looked over at Motoman's page, and he talks about the switch, but he just said to rotate the exhaust cam one tooth clockwise, but he does not mention the pins.

I think I count 12 on yours, but it just does not look right. I think you went one tooth too far. At least that is what it looks like from Wenatchee, Washington.



Ok, I think you guys are right. In fact Im sure of it.

I just wanted to make sure because I didnt feel too comfortable leaving it where it was.

Now I just have to wait until my buddy (KTMKarl) brings me his 14"drive troque wrench tomorrow so I can put it back together.

(I guess Karl can be good for something :))

Im gonna go drop it back 1 tooth and tomorrow night I'll let you both know how I like it.

Thanks to both! And thanks for the tip on the jetting Rich.

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