i have snapped the con rod on my 99 wr400. it then poked two holes through the barrel and another hole through both crankcases before sticking through the piston. has anyone else heard of the con rod breaking as i talked to my local dealer and he said that it was the 9th one he has done this year.

Sorry to hear that dude! That sucks! Dod you rev it to hell often?

The service interval for crank inspection is every 5 races or 6mos.

These rods will break, I also have some souvenirs.

New crank every once in a while is cheap insurance.

thaat's why WR's come with WR timing! to save the engine. after all a MX engine will be blipped in low gears toward high revs. where a WR would be expected to do many thousands of miles like this and so the power is produced lower down the rev range to save your motor.

no comfort now i know but yamaha do these things for a reason. good luck though :):D


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