Oil Leak help?

I'm stil trying to sort out this oil leak, I have replaced everything there yet it still leaks??? I'm talking about part number 18 on this microfiche, For the oil pump.I've replaced the hose,the dowel,the oring and the screw and it STILL leaks! I don't know what the problem is. I thought maybe that the case had worn in that spot but it looks good, there are no pits or grooves. Has anyone experienced this before??



Your link didn't work for me. So I'm guessing on the part, I looked up a line from the lower case to the frame. It is possible that the bolt was over torqued at some point, then when the motor got hot, the case warped. About 7 inch lbs is all it takes to tighten these. You might try ebay and see if anyone has an extra line or case cover you can try too.

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