Oil coming out of blow by tube?

I was out riding this morning and after I was finished I noticed oil dripping out of the blow by tube after I shut the bike off. This is my first four stoke and am curious if this is normal,I overfilled it a little bit when i changed the oil,but not much. I had the top end checked when I bought it and everything was ok. Its a 98 WR400 by the way.:worthy:

My 426 drips every once ia a while, especially after a hard ride.

normal - it's called a BREATHER tube - blow by is unburnt gas getting past your rings because they're too worn and allowing this gas into your oil contaminating the oil.

I have a '99 WR400 I checked the oil before riding and it was low. Topped off and then rode. A couple of days later before riding I checked the oil and it was low again. No smoke, or smell, no drips on floor other than the normal vent tube drip after riding. Does the oil sump completely drain after sitting a couple of days? I just changed the oil in it and I check it before each ride. I'm afraid I'm going to overfill the crankcase. Any thoughts please?

proper procedure for checking the oil is to start the bike - warm it up, shut it down, wait about 2 minutes and check - otherwise it'll show as low.

Do you think any of these guys ever opened the manual?

Manual? What's that? I just make crap up and post it here! :worthy::lol: :lol: :lol::banana: :banana:

Matt4x4 is 100% correct. Let it warm up before you fill it with oil or the breather tube will violate your boots while you're riding if it's over filled.

Thanks for the help, I couldn't get to the manual I'm stuck in bed post-op. Again Thanks Andrew.

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