WR450 rotor did I screw it up?

Ok so I get it home tonight and can't resist the poking, rubbing, and fondling of it. After the foreplay I just had to check the rotor torque. Anyway I had mistakenly turned the entire nut and rotor about ¼ - 1/2 turn the wrong way. I didn't affect any of the valve or ignition timing did I? Couldn't start it to find out because I didn't want to disturb my tenant upstairs. I apologize for my mechanical ignorance.

Retorque to 50 ft lbs and you are OK

No problem, Sorry to hear about your neighbors.

If you turned the entire rotor assembly then you don't need to retorque the rotor nut, (not that it wouldn't hurt to do it anyway), you didn't loosen anything if both the rotor and nut turned.

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