Dunlop Geo Max Tires

I have read the reviews in Dirt Bike, but I am curious if any of you have tried them. Supposed to be as good as the 756 but with the benefit of longer wear. Any real-world testing out there?


I have two outings on my GeoMax 51s. Since you are in MD you might know the two places. Once at Budd's Creek and the other ride at Tasker's Gap (rocks).

They seem to wear about the same as any intermediate tire I've used. However, the grip is by far the best I've had to date. In fact it was raining during my day at Budd's. I was expecting the normal slipping and sliding around corners and in ruts. I was amazed at how well they hooked up. It was the most fun I've had in the rain in quite a while.

I expect I will be buying them again next time around.

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