I need to stick to Bikes!!!! Help Needed!!!

I try to make this short LOL!!

I just came back last week from Michigan's lovely Upper Penninsula.Group of middle aged dirt freaks.Most of my friends ride ATV's so I figured I would be sociable and bring my Quad along with my WR.Well the first day out I really wanted to ride the WR BUT took the Quad instead,a '95 Yamaha Wolverine w/a few mods,my machine.We headed to the Two Hearts Trail N.Central U.P. The ATV trail.One of my friends,who rides EVERYTHING FAST takes the lead.Fast trail,twisty,sandy,some clear cut.30-40 MPH a good pace for a utility 4 by 4.I'm happy but yearn for Old Blue,I'm Yawning.The trail opens slightly and I'm third in the pack.I'm worried about the last three riders,not much experience,I dont see them so I reluctantly stop and wait,and wait.There they are,ok I'm off again.Now trying to get to the front of the pack with vengance.First gear,second gear, third gear,the 350 cc.engine screams for mercy as I power slide into a sweeping turn,thinking this is too fast and the turn is tight.The machine slides sideways toward the edge of the trail,sweet I made that turn.Well sort of ....What I did'nt see was an 18 in. stump in the underbrush,SLAM!!!!!!!!! I high sided,oh s*** Lean back,way back... too late on coming tree on the opposite side of the trail,SMASH...This has the possibilty of hurting.The r.f. .190 Douglas rim folds in half like a flimsy pizza box locking the wheel.I can't hold another high side.The machine pitches sideways,now I,m airborne,maybe I'll be thrown clear....NOT.My Left shoulder contacts a tree on the other side of the trail,CRUNCH....then POP.Oh man my wifes gonna kill me if I survive this.Well I lived.Doctor says AC separation,a severed ligament at the scapula.No surgery,just relax and enjoy the new life long bump on your shoulder.Man that really sucks.Riding a big four-stroke bike makes you laugh at these LAWN TRACTORS.I'm not laughing :) I hope I did this posting justice.Anybody ever try to straighten an ATV frame?????It's pushed back about an inch behind r.lower control arm.My best wreck to date,more to come :D:D:D:D

Yikes :) ........

A) Hope you get better soon.

:D Hope you can explain it to the wife.

C) To many tires in the mix, throws off your balance and judgement :D . These 4 wheelers have a weird force around them, they can sence that your really urning for the 2 wheel sorts.

Take care of that shoulder........

Dodger :D:D

Those damn things are dangerous.

I'm serious.

RSA210, oh man I'm so very sorry you were injured. I almost went that route myself I'm pretty messed up physically. If it worsens I'll take my time and trully learn how to ride one of them first. I'll say a prayer for your speedy recovery and one for myself that I don't have to go with a 4 wheeler. George Benz

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No four wheelers are not dangerous, they are when you ride them like they're two wheelers. The guy said himself he was powersliding around the corner going TOO FAST and went off the trail only to smash into an unseen stump. if you ask me, it was just irresponsible riding. If you're going to get on the trail you have to know they abilities of you, your machine, and how they are combined. A yamaha 350 wolverine was not ment to powerslide uncontrollably around tight corners, bottom line.

RSA210, I believe you are looking for advice on frame straightening? That really depends on What's bent, Where it's bent, How much it's bent, what grade of steel, How much access to the damaged area (w/ say, hydraulic porta-power), etc. Also, what tools and equipment do you have at your disposal?Since this is just a small diameter tube frame, it will come down to severity and accessability, I'm sure.

If you are inexperienced at this sort of thing or don't have the necessary equipment, I would check with >>>

1) A reputable body shop (where your best buddy who owes you a big one works). They straighten frames every day.

2) An automotive/truck Frame and Axle shop. Or>>>

3) A reputable welding fabrication shop, because the damage is too severe and needs to be cut off and rebuilt.

Get estimates. Then search the 'net junkyards for a used frame. Compare costs.

This would be my appraoch if I didn't have the means to do it myself, which, since you are asking how, you probably do not.

I, too, crashed some weeks ago and tore hell out of my shoulder, and it sucks! Just in time for archery season :D I can't pull a door open, much less draw a bow! :D It's probably just old age, but this sucker is NOT getting any better, either.

If yours doesn't, you ought to see a different doc. I'm going to 'cause this just ain't right. I can't even move it in the morning until my wife lifts my arm up high enough until something "pops" in my shoulder. Weird. I hope yours heals much better. Good luck. :)

well i hope both of you guys heal up soon. but friend of mine that hurt his shoulder ended up going to sports medicene doctor specializeing in sport type injuries and he said what a difference it mad.

you guys get well soon

Originally posted by vtfootball79:

No four wheelers are not dangerous...

Relative to the favored off-road mount of the TTalk audience, it is obvious to me that quads are, well, those damn things are dangerous. I would agree, that as farm implements or hunting vehicles they rule, but the faster you go the worse they handle (the opposite of a two wheeler).

So IMO four wheelers are most certainly dangerous as a sport-trail machine. To control for, ummm, demographics let’s just say that, even with the proper safety gear and discretion, assuming a spill is equally likely whether it be a quad rider or dirt biker, I’m sure that the average hospital bill is higher for the quad pilot.

In short, they spit you off and then land on you. Seen it happen many times.

As for riding a quad like a two wheeler, that is impossible.

Hick,I gotta agree with you, they are dangerous in alot of respects.I've had this machine since new I guess I was too busy picking my next line down the trail.ATV riding is kind of a change of pace.

Chaindrive,I have a few ideas on how to pull the frame back.I have another Wolverine to compare frame measurements against.Also brother-in-laws dad happens to own a bodyshop,good idea!!

Other injured TTers,good luck with the rehab!!

vtfootball,You are never so much alive,when you are on the edge of DEATH :):D:D:D

Quads aren't dangerous...unless you're sporting something like this...

...only in 'Da Hood'!!


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That's what I need to bounce off trees with in da 'hood.That's TOO Much for me. :)

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