Cracked Stator Cover 07' 450

Just noticed some oil leakage on my stator cover, hairline crack about an inch long. i would like to replace it with something maybe a little stronger because the impact that caused the crack wasn't very hard.

or maybe a factory cover with some sort of protection for that side, i have a WC skid plate but it only covers the front and underneath, need something for the side.

thanks guys for the help and any recommendations, I've been searching all morning with no luck.:worthy:

good luck finding one. id just replace it and try not to crash or whatever u did to damage it

Thanks, hopefully someone on here has seen an aftermarket setup.

I caught a rock on the side doing some single track but there's just a scratch.

I am not sure what is out there in the aftermarket, but in the mean time dont be afraid to patch the current one with a little JB Weld so that you can ride. I have seen it work wonders in cases of hairline cracks.

I had to do the same thing one long weekend at the desert. I used Loc-Tite 245 epoxy, though. It's a bit stronger, bonds better, and cures much faster than standard JBW. JB does make a fast cure, though, and if you ever have to make a choice between them to save a ride day, bear in mind regular JB can take 8~10 hours to cure.

BTW, I ran that same cover for a very long time without replacing it.

Thanks for the ideas guys, I've got some jb in the garage

anyone running a skidplate that covers that side?

I have a Devol that has some coverage for the sides against getting struck from below and forward, but it would not have prevented, most likely, the damage my engine suffered. Mine fell more or less flat on its side on a rock, and no skid plate covers up that far. The two that I know of that cover the highest are the Scorpion and the Lightspeed carbon.

I would buy a cover for an 08 or 09. That way if you ever need to replace your stator you can buy the upgraded stator from the 09 that has 4 bolts to mount it. Your 07 stator will still mount to it with 3 bolts.


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