No Tubes in tires

I read a large article about RC's MX & SX bike setup. Both bikes use Bib Mousse foam inserts in the tires, not tubes. Articles I've read say they might melt down when used on dual sports bikes when highway riding. I like like the idea of not worrying about flats/blowouts. Anybody use them or know if they could be used on/off road safely?

There nice, but have limited lives. Not sure exactely how long they would last duel sporting, but I'm guessing a few months. At only a few months, they are to expensive, and way to much hastle to put in.

Would be nice not to have to worry about flats though :) .........

Dodger :D:D

Have you seen that set-up that SRC (scott summers) came up with to prevent flats? Its a "ball" type system and Im not sure exactly how it works but Im sure its probably expensive. But if your not worried about expense it might hold up a lot longer than the mousse inserts.

I tried a search on it and cound find anything so you might want to check directly with Summers racing and email them if intrested.

I think the Bib Mouusse only last one race for RC. They break down really fast. I heard they are a real pain in the rear to install too.

Go buy some heavy duty tubes and some good ole' Slime.

Yeah yeah, like yznvegas said...........4mm heavy duty tubes from FLY, last tube you should have to install......

Dodger :):D

Take an old tube, cut out the valve stem and then split the tube on the inside. Now line your tire with the split tube and install your new heavy duty tube keeping the split tube between your tire and new tube. Run 10 to 12 psi. I've never had a flat!! A friend of mine Had 5 DNF'S out of 6 races due to flats. He did this also and has had no flats. Works both front and rear. Cheap Too!!!


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