Stuck WOT

So I was out riding my 07 today and as I crested a big hill my throttle stuck wide open. Quickly pulled in the clutch and killed it. It took some force to get the throttle to turn back.

I've read somewhere here before that their could be a problem with the YZ thottle stop sticking wide open :worthy:

Once I got it unstuck it was smooth again and I continued riding for another hour no issues.

My throttle is normally perfect, no binding,fast return, smooth clean operation as it is again since the incident.There are no kinks in the cable and the throttle tube is clean.

Anyone with any thoughts on this......

Take it apart and look, see what you see.

check if your your throttle stop is still there. If not I could see this happening.

You do have a YZ screw and not a cut down WR one?

Sometimes, if the slide had been removed from the carb and not reset correctly, it can be lifted too high and jamb, so check this too.

You do have a YZ screw and not a cut down WR one?


That's a good question as I bought the bike with 800km's on it and all the mods done. I removed the AIS and rejetted but didn't touch the throttle stop.

The guy I bought it from is the type of guy who just might have cut the screw down.

I have the YZ one from my AIS removal kit so I'll take a look and see if it needs changing.

Throttle still operates perfectly normal now, can't get it to stick no matter how hard you try.

I have 7500km's on my bike over 3 season's of hard riding and this has been a 1 time issue so it's strange.

Ya, Check to make shure the throttle screw is there, when I bought my 06 last year and got around to do the ais --- the dealer had removed the screw and had just a short 1/4" length bolt to cap the hole off! :worthy:

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