flywheel puller

i am going to order a motion pro flywheel puller but i am not sure which one i need. they have one listed for yzf 250/400/426 that appears to only have one piece that threads in and one bolt to turn. then they have that is listed for a wr 400 that has one bolt that threads in and 3 bolts to turn. i need one that will work on a 2003 wr 450 f. does anyone know which one that i need.



I ordered mine direct from yamaha through my dealer. The picture in the manual shows it as a single threaded body with a center bolt. I don't think the three bolt version work as well. I also think the yz puller may not work on the WR. Contact a dealer to see if they are the same PN.

yamaha part no. ym04141

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