headlight adjustment, I cant see

I did a search on this and came up with 0. The manual is no help either. I cant seen to get my head light down enough. I have what seems to be the light adjustment screw all the way in and the light is in a good position until I sit on the bike. The sag in the rear end seems to point my light up to high while riding. My sag is set at about 3 1/2 (where I like it). I can see telephone poles and the tops of trees better then the road. Any one have some suggestions for me, Trail ridding at night sucks because I have to sometimes dive the front of the bike to see what's next. :)

I had similiar problem. Just after purchasing the WR, I did a night single track woods trail. The light is extremely bright but I cannot get it to shine on the ground in front of me. Needless to say, I dumped the bike because I didn't see the slim-mud on a turn in the otherwise hardpack trail. No big deal, nothing broke, and I got that first spill out of my system the first day of riding my new bike.

Anyone know how to fix the problem? I waould also appreciate it.

Zyman400, at least you know what your problem is. With the wr the fender is basically in the dark. The light is so high that it doesn’t even hit the fender. I am tired of seeing owls and the tops of trees. :)

Come on guys with all of the brainpower on this site and this starting to seem like a design flaw, someone have any ideas on a fix. I am going to tear into my light tonight so maybe I can figure something out, but if some one already figured this out let the world know! You could save time/beer money (I seem to drink allot when I work on the bike). Thanks :D:D

Here is how I would do it:


Extend (or just fabricate new) little mounting tabs where the headlight shell fastens to the top clamp. It would be real easy and you could make them extra long with a couple three adjustment holes if you wanted. Voila, one tipped forward, aimed down headlight. :D

Now get to it! It should only take @ a six pack... :D

chaindrive, thanks for the idea, I will get a sixer and check it out. :)

While I dont have a Wr I do have a YZ400 with an acerbis blitz headlight so I do feel your pain.

I was able to adjust mine a little bit with the brackets. But I noticed that I cannot get the light to shine directly in front of the bike....Hmmm.....AHHHH...Its the front fender. It acts as a shield keeping the light fron hitting right in front of the bike.

Im not sure how to adjust the wr headlight but you can only go so far and then the fender gets in the way.

:) Same problem here also, but my wife said to loose the weight and I should be fine.

Sometimes a small washer to act as a spacer does a good job. I had to do this on my XR and I do need to do this on the WR.

Good Luck!!! :D

I am thinking get rid of that light and put up a pair of lazer stars. Those should illuminate everything i want with no problem. i know u can mount them to the bars but im thinking of making a bracket to mount them close to the original spot of the wr headlight... then quite possibly submit that design to lazerstar if its a good one so they can produce billet ones and i could make a little royalties... lol... but thats what i am gonna work on next...

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