e button problem

first off i tried seaching but i couldnt find anything. so i went to start my 2007 wr450f today and to my surprise all it made was a buzzing noise when i pressed the botton. now the computer thing is working and it kickstarts no problem. so i didtheeasyiest thing to do and cleaned all the main plugs and conection right under the seat and tried changeing thefuse and still nothing.forgive me if its a stupid question but this is my first bike with the magic botton.

I think you need to put a charge on the battery. Have you checked the voltage?

ihad just finished charging it on a trickle charger

My 2006 is doing the same thing but mine started right after I washed the bike. I must have gotten the starter relay under the seat wet. I tested the relay per the manual and it appeared to test o.k. but it also seem to reset itself when I tested it. Once I tested it and was able to kickstart it but soon as I tried the electric start then even the kickstart would not work. I ordered a new relay. Hopefully that will solve my issue. The relay is $41 here on Thumpertalk so it was a cheap trial and error before I take it to a shop.


This happens to me every season. Charge the battery over night with an auto off charging system. If you still have problems and all connections are clean and dry, get a new battery.

thanks for the help. il trysome of our suggestions and il let you know when i get back from my trip

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