WR450F Needle selection???

Is there anyone here that is using an EMM needle? Can you post jetting specs please?

Thanks, :)

I am using an EMN in the 5 slot and a 40 pilot jet it has good response I tried

the 48 and 45 pilot jet but it killed my bottom end about 800 ft above sea level

stock pilot air jet a160 main jet.

Thanks for the reply. What starter and main are you running?Are you using an adjustable pilot air screw?

My specs below in my signature were good for the Stroker Exhaust System at 1000-3000 feet. It ripped. Got caught by the cops with aftermarket LOUD Stroker and had to replace with the stock can. My specs now:

PJ 35, PAJ A little more, Main Jet 150 and EMM Clip 1 (Top) with my Stock euro can. So far so good but havent really tested it.

But then mine is a WR400 1998!!!

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