Kyb 48mm fork oil capacity?

I have a Kayaba 48mm forks (not stock) on my YZ426. I'm going to change oil and replace oil seals and wipers.

HOW MUCH oil will I need for an oil change?

BTW, I'm looking at Motul Fork Oil Expert Light 5W <--good or bad for this type of application?

350cc each side if I'm not mistaken. One Quart is all you need to buy.

I don't know if you are mistaken of not, but the '04 48mm Single Chamber fork is not measured out that way. That fork is set to an oil level, measured from the top of the fully compressed fork tube to the top of the oil, with the spring removed, and the damper compressed. The standard level is 125mm, and the range is between 105~135.

The 48mm Twin Chamber from the '05 or later has two oil chambers, the inner is filled full and bled free of air, and the standard amount for the outers is 350cc, as stated. It usually requires just over 1 quart to do either, so buy two.

Thanks for the info.

I'd like to know what type of fork I have, but had never disassembled the fork and have no idea how they differ (Single Chamber vs Twin Chamber)

So I'm going to take it apart next week. :worthy: What's the most noticeable difference between these types?

The fork cap is a giveaway. The Single Chamber '04 fork (still used on WR's) has a hex head cap on it that is removed with a normal wrench. The Twin Chamber AOSS ('05) or SSS ('06 and up) have an octagonal "cap" (actually the top of the damper cartridge) with an octagonal socket head cap in the top of it.

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