Riding emergency in Utah!

My riding buddies have all bailed out. I really need to get out and kick up some dirt. Is there anyone out there in Utah interested in doing some trail riding tomorrow??? I'm really hurting here. I hate riding alone. Anyone out there feel my pain?

Oh man, your killing me. Would love to go roost in UT, but Moab isn't on my radar until Oct.

Sorry, hope you find someone to ride with.

Dodger :):D

:) Getting a ride together at this time with a bunch of guys. Not sure where we are going, but odds are Five Mile. Your more than welcome to join... :D Should be an early morning ride done by noon. :D

pedman - I sent you an email and it bounced back to me as undeliverable. Anyways... You can email the ride details to me at esmith@dsidata.net. I'll be driving

a white dodge pickup pulling a small trailer and a KTM 520. Just give me

the time, place and what you're driving and I'll find you. Looking forward

to a good hard ride. My cell phone number is 836-5241 if you'd prefer to


pedman - love to ride with you. I'm very familiar with 5 mile pass. I live in Lehi. Let me know where and when you'll be there and I'll meet you.

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