Pictures of air box mod

Here are the pictures of my air box mod. I got the idea from another TT member but I don't remember who it was. Sorry. Removing the snorkel alone isn’t enough because if you look at how the plastic bulge on the bottom of the seat almost plugs the hole you will see what I mean. I drilled a total of 12 one inch holes which I think equates to about the same area we lost due to the battery. If you plan on running in deep water (which I don’t here in the desert) you might not want to put holes as low as I did on the side. You could also put those one inch screen plugs in the holes if you wanted but I was after max air flow. It’s a very clean and hidden mod and it put new life into my WR. I was disappointed in the power because it wasn’t any better than my 426 but after this mod it transformed it into the 450 it should be.

Air Box Mods

Thats what I did to mine, except for the trimming of the cover. I also didn't put so many holes on the hidden side of the box. I was scared of water getting in.

I stuck those cool little filtered inserts in the holes. I think they are made by Uni. They come 6 in a box. Looks a little cleaner than just a hole in the side of your airbox (on the couple you can actually see of course).

Nice job, and excellent pics. I had to turn my fuel screw out another half a turn after this mod because it leaned it out a tad from the increased amount of air going into the engine.

Hello David. Now I remember. You are the one I got the idea from. Thanks. When I was done I thought maybe I shouldn't have put the three lower holes in but if by change I do plan on riding where water is involved I could cover them up with duct tape or something

Looks pretty sano but how waterproof is it?

Bent your rim already. :)

What type of pipe do you have on your bike?

nice mod I did the same but put screen filters on it.

good job

Yep, thats why I'm not worried about water. Nothing but rocks and desert.

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