Ok, So I am new to the motorcycle thing but in all my hotrods I swear by Redline Water Wetter instead of traditional coolant. Does anyone else run this in their bikes instead of green stuff? Any reason I shouldn't? (besides freezing) A cooler motor should run better and Water Wetter usually drops my car temps by at least 10 degrees.

I used Water Wetter in my WR 400 & now it's in my WR450. There is NO reason not to. Cool is cool.


A lot of folks run "Engine Ice". Its premixed and ready to put in.

Ive been using Spectro Premixed coolant for a long time with no problems but my dealer has stopped carrying it so Im going with Engine Ice next.

No reason water wetter wont work as good in your bike as it does your hot rods too.

I am on the verge of going back to the green coolant....Last three races I lost all my Engine Ice due to overheating in very muddy race conditions. Gets a little expensive to replace Engine Ice at $16.95 per 1/2 gallon. If you read the fine print the Newer Prestone has the same boiling point as the Engine Ice, and mixed 50/50 you get 2 gallons for $7.95 at Autozone.

I never had any problems with the prestone in th past in my YZ , but decided recently to go with the Engine Ice just because I had been using it in my WR.

Bonzai :)

I considered trying it to see if it eliminates boiling over (only happened twice) on hot days/slow trails. But then I would have to drain it every winter.

You didn't say where you are located, but here in Minnesota freezing would be a problem.

Why would it freeze?

Dosent (Engine Ice) it protect the same in winter as summer?

Am I missing something? :)

It doesn't freeze? I will investigate, may be servin' up some good crow later. :)

"With the added protection of freeze-up protection to -27oF it's a sure winner for winter fun"

That quote can be found here:

-27f protection is pretty good, but I've seen temps drop to -55. That makes it about -50 in the garage. True, no-one will be riding bikes in that temp (I have ridden sleds that cold) but I don't want to have to bring the Yammi in the house just cause the weatherman says it's gonna be cold out.

I think I'll stick with the green stuff, better safe than sorry. For you folks south of the Minnesota border, the stuff is probably a good choice.


To much Water Wetter will remove the natural lube that anti-freeze has. Bad for the water pump seals. Use just enough to drop temp. 20degs. and the bike will run in 100deg. weather all day. Apply a stick on temp. gauge to the head and you will feel and see a diffence in temp.

I put in some Engine Ice on my wide ratio and it really did make it run cooler. I would never had actually bought the stuff; (20.00$/64oz) but I recently put together a limey 220 and I recomended he run it in his bike. I scounged the leftovers. It really made a difference on those slow muddy days. (everybody thinks I put widshield washer solution in my bike)! :) I can't figure out why it would work but it does, must be that cool blue winshield washer solution color.

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