fuel mixture screw

has anyone tried this fule mixture adjuster from ziptyracing?they had a write up on it in motocross action I believe it was march.according to the article this is a must for this carb.it allows you to adjust it with your fingers.has anyone adjusted this at all?has anyone read the article?does it do any good?


I made my own following the instructions from MotoMan's site....he has a couple of options....an on-the-fly adjustment tool or a little screwdriver (the one I did) made with a 1/4" x 7/16" coupling nut, 8 penny nail and a piece of 7/32" tubing. His website gives concise instructions to both.....if you don't want to mess....I made a couple of extra's. PM me your address....I can mail you one.


sjw I made one with a 1 1/4" long brass tubing that slides perfectly over the fuel screw. I got a 3/8 nut and drilled out the center just a little smaller than the brass tubing and then press fit it on the end with a vise. I then applied a liberal amount of JB Weld on the fuel screw, slide on the tube and let it dry. It works perfectly. The only thing I would change is I wish I would have used a brass nut instead the one I found in my garage. Here is a picture.

I just installed one on my 450. I like the ease of adjustment very much.

The zip-ty gets a 10plus from me. Using the little screw drivers is a pain when you are in gear warming the bike up on the stand and want to make a minor adjustment. You really need to adj. the screw everytime you have an atmospheric change i.e. : temp altitude or humidity .


Another thumbs up for the ZipTy fuel screw. The ease of adjustment and the index marks makes the process so much easier. No more digging for tools for a small, but needed adjustment.

I got one, my bike runs great!

Mine works great. Plus It looks sooo cool. (which is the real reason I bought one anyway because the little screwdriver bit from my multi-tool worked just fine)

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