YZ450 cam in 98 WR400, who can count?

okay, easiest way i can think of to be sure that i have my new cam lined up correctly and timed correctly would be to ask if anyone knows how many pins go between the an alignment or timing mark on the stock intake cam and some mark on the 03 450 exhaust cam?

i know you need to line it up in rear, but just to make sure i'm at least in the ball park, if someone knows or could take a look, it would be a major reference number to anyone wanting to swap to the new YZ 450cam, as i am going to do (as soon as it comes in. :D:))

i know that in just going to yz timing, you lose 1 pin in between the top marks.

maybe this would be a better way to line up yz450 cam than just eyeballing it???

racer36 :D

Hey XrRacer36,

I have the '03 YZ450 cam in my '98 WR400, and the number of pins inbetween is twelve. You start with 13, but when you turn the exhaust cam clockwise 1 tooth (You hear me Darin! I said ONE TOOTH!) you will end up with YZ timing.

Another way to ensure that you are correct is to look at the lobes of the cam from the right side of the bike. The tops of them should make a straight line, as seen in the .pdf file that was created by yamaha.dude .

Check it out at : http://www.just-ride-it.com/450cam.pdf

Good luck!

You hear me Darin! I said ONE TOOTH!)

You dog. Yes, I hear you.

I was finishing it up last night and we turned the crank without the cam chain tensioner in. Big mistake!

Took us a bit to find the exact timing location again, but we did. (I hope!)

Im gonna go home tonight and fire it up since we didnt have time last night and hope everything is in line.

thanks brandon.

yeah, i know about hte lobes, i read the pdf, but i was just looking for a second check reference number to at least be sure i wasn't like 1 tooth off befoer we tried to close it back up and start it.

we had this problem with my mojave (similar auto-decomp system as new yzf)

it wouldn't decomp with cam 1 tooth out and didn't run quite rite. :):D

anyways, thanks.

BTW, what are you talking bout with 13 and 12. i just wanna set it to yzf timing witth new 03 yz450f cam, i'm not gonna change my wr400 cam to yz timing or anything, so there shouldn't be any before and after numbers???

i looked at pdf file just now nad counted 14 PINS tween top timing marks on cams???? :D

thanks again.

racer36 :D

i looked at pdf file just now nad counted 14 PINS tween top timing marks on cams????

YEA! I just did that too and I dismissed it since I figured I didnt know what the hell I was doing. LOL :)

After I installed my cam, I saw the discussion regarding the .pdf file. My question was, how do you get WR timing at all? I don't think the instructions address that at all.

I went by the lobe position on the right side. Eyed it from there, and cycled the engine with a socket on the crank.

And you know what, in the next mellineium I'll STILL be old-school!


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