Canada VS US model WR450 differences

I bought a Canadian model and the dealer told me that there is no gray wire or throttle stop..He also said the jetting is richer...He also stated that there's no problem with the woodruff key shearing because the bike comes straight from Japan..He stated that American bikes are assembled here. Does anyone know the diffences between the two bikes?

Not sure about the Canadian model but the Australian one (which has the same crappy exhaust as the European one) has some differences too.

US: Stiff Suspension, throttle stop limited, grey wire for timing adjustment

European: Soft Suspension, no throttle stop issue, no grey wire

Australian: Middle Range Suspension, no throttle stop issue, no grey wire, jetted for sea level, fully road registerable out of the box complete with speedo, indicators etc ...... AND ARIVING TODAY for me !!!!!!!

I am sure there are other differences, I just cant remember them from the Australasian Dirt Bike mag article.


Yes check your key. my canadian dealer just got the factory up date to retorque.

Took my Canadian bike in to a dealer in CA and they told me that they will not honor fix for woodruff key for free..I also found out that the Canadian bike has a stock 160 jet and they also supply you with a spare 155 and 165 in a plastic bag. Pipe is less restrictive in stock form than US model, but US model can be modified to be less restrictive very easily.

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