XR600 Rear Suspension Greasing

I'm helping a buddy work on his '94 XR600 this weekend and I noticed that the rear suspension has Zerk fittings all over the place. (I wish my 400 had this). So, my question is, is this a suitable way to grease the rear suspension or should I take it all apart and do it by hand like I do on my XR400?

KS , I have been greasing my 1995 XR600 every time that i go riding (grease is cheap), and each winter I tear the rear suspension apart and so far the bearings have been perfect. While it is apart , I clean out and grease the heim joints on both ends of the shock, so far no problems with them as well. Also I have installed a grease nipple on the rear foot break where it mounts to the frame, and I grease it each time I go riding, I'm still using the same break arm with no play where it mounts to the frame .Another place to put a grease nipple is in the frame for the tripple clamp bearings, once this is filled with grease, the bearings will never dry out and seize,and it also helps to prevent water from getting in .I hope this info will help !

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C'mon guys

I've got an old 1982 XL500R that has grease fittings very similar to those on the XR600. Over the winter I tore it down to check over everything, I was amazed at the excellent condition of all the suspension related bearings. Those grease fittings did a great job of keeping things lubricated and keeping the water out. I'll be installing grease zerks in my XR650R as soon as time allows.

I always kept the linkage on my old 600 greased by using the fittings and it kept everything lubed up just fine. I usually still took it all apart once a year just to check things out and everything was good. IMO the fittings do the job just fine. To tell you the truth I miss them. :)

Make that 150 views, and only 5 responses. Did you take a shower today? 250/400/600/650, it shouldn't matter what you ride, the rear suspension should be cleaned and greased regularly. It all depends on how hard and long, anlong with how often you ride. We here in So. Calif., don't have the luxury of getting snowed in to take that time and disassemble the complete suspension monthly, :) so I would say for me, that rides at least 2wice a month, sometimes more, to do it every other oil and filter change, and that depends on riding conditions as well. Get a program going for yourself. I agree, grease is cheap, and in the process of doing it regularly, you might see things that need to be replaced, or are wearing funny. It's all about preventative maintainence. Use a good quality grease (this is now the 3rd time I've said this, but oh well!) like Mobil 1 Synthetic. Water and dirt kill seals and bushings/bearings. Clean them regularly, and they will last a long time. Use the zerk fittings, but don't squirt grease till it comes out the seal. That could lead to a blown seal.

I would say at least once a year disassemble and do the rear end, especially if it hasn't been done that you know of.

:) You simply can't argue with a good preventative maintenance plan. However, do yourself a favor and put some grease zerks in so you can lube her up quick and easy. Check out a tech article on www.4strokes.com called Basic Bike Overhaul. He tells you just how to go about putting in the zerks.

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