Pro Billet End cap ??

Getting my new YZ ready for the Hare Scramble season. I need a spark arrestor. I was checking out the Pro Billet endcap that attaches to the stock exaust. It is alot cheaper than a new slip on, but I have never used one. Any experence or comments? Thanks

I've had one on an '01 426 for two rides, It changed the sound but I didn't notice any power loss. It looks sharp and makes me legal for the trails. I would recommend it.

Its a decent product. Doesn't affect sound or power, just makes the exhaust spark arrestor legal.

Its the only way to go if you don't want to buy a new pipe.

I just purchased one for my '07 and it works great. The only complaint I've heard is that the anodizing loses some color after awhile. I got black so I can just use wood stove paint if it gets really bad. In the last couple of months since installed mine has faded a little.

Other than that is is great, I got stopped by the sheriff last weekend and all he did was look at it and never even gave me any trouble.

There was no change in power or sound that I noticed, so for the price they are great.

I do recommend tapping the holes and using a button head socket cap screw (round head allen bolt) so you don't have to drill rivets when it comes time to re-pack the muffler though.

Get one and enjoy riding!:worthy:

have about 50 hours on mine with no complaints. No color changes and I am happy with the sound and power levels.

I have one on my 07, never faded yet and super easy install.

Thanks alot you guys. You have helped me make my decision. Stay safe ....................... Scott

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