Who do you recommend for suspension mods?

Need to do the suspension on an '02 XR650R in So Cal.

I've seen people using: Barnum's, Al Baker's, White Bros., Race Tech, Precision Concepts, Baja Designs, FineLine, BBR, Pro Circut, etc.

Any feedback - positive / negative about your experiance with any of these shops would be greatly appreciated.

Leaning toward Barnum's... Spoke to Rob for quite a while. Seems like a great guy.

Thanks in advance.


I used Precision Concepts for my 02 XR650R. What a night and day difference from stock. I can really attack the rough stuff now! I used Barnum a few years back on a different brand and have no complaints with his work either. I would get a Scotts or similiar stabilizer also for the BRP if you play in 4th or 5th gear. Thanks.

I am going to do springs on my xr650r any brand you guys like best.

I would use Eibachs.

Replacing springs yourself is a relatively easy job. Been there, done that. I recommend doing this before paying for a revalve job done. Race Tech fork springs are not the same length as stock requiring you to make your own preload shim out of a thick-walled pvc tubing (hassle). Go with the Eibachs and you don't have this problem.

Ride your bike with the new springs for a while and play with the adjusters and fork oil level. Record your likes and dislikes at the various settings and then if you are not happy you have some real info to give to a specialist.

I put in stiffer springs, fork oil level as recommended in Honda service manual, played with the adjusters and really like the results. Haven't felt the need to reshim.

Oh yeah, get the manual, it's worth it.


Precision Concepts knows how to set up a XR650. I don't know about any other bikes but they have the 650 dialed.

I used Too Tech racing, they are in so cal also. I think they are at tootechracing.com I would highly recommend them, but Rob Barnum is awsome also. I would not hesitate to use him for everything, and he races the XR650R himself so he knows what works and what doesn't.

my xr650r is set up my precision concepts. they did a great job. it took me about 6 rides to really dial it in but after that i'm very happy. i went with precision cause i got a racer deal. otherwise i would have gone to rob barnum. he has done work on my other xr and i was very happy with the work as well as his family approach. down the road, as i need service, i'll bring the bike to rob.

the best part with going through rob is when he sets your bike up you have the opportunity to ride it out of his house and test it... you can't beat that. plus driving to and finding his place in phelan is an experience everyone should go through.

the only shop i would stay away from is race tech. my experience with their service and personel is on the same level as going to a TGI friday's. lots of tatoos, ear rings, and very little substance.

Mine was set up by Baja Designs with Eibachs and Gold valves and I am happy with it. Also went with the hard anodizing on the shock body and fork tubes for longer wear. Suspension work in combination with a steering stabilizer will allow you to fly like the wind. :)

I`m with thunder chicken, Rob is the only guy I trust, even If i had to pay full pop. He will take the time to set it up for you and make it right. I have turned alot of my friends & cust. to rob and all are very satisfied

Dave @ www.winnersedgeracing.com ( Got arm-pump check out the site)

Had a friend just get his bike done by Al Baker's (XR's only) and is very pleased with it. The performance above stock was greatly increased. He can blow through hard stuff with much less fuss and harshness.

Everyone - Thanks for your feedback! I'm dropping the bike off at Barnum's this afternoon. :) In addition to this forum, I've spoken to several others and they've all had great things to say about Rob Barnum. Happy customers and a great reputation speaks volumes.


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