the bends

There are a million or so handle bars out there. Can anyone tell me what the different width sweep and rise can do for the rider? I don't have a long reach and am 5'-8" on a good day.

Whatever feels best! Higher rise / flatter sweep can give a bigger rider more room on a bike, wider bars can give more control and leverage (but your body will act like an airbrake at speed!). Sit on your bike and think what you would prefer to change (if anything) and get on the renthal ( website. You should be able to make some comparisons. I've got YZ250 renthals on my WR (same as stock, I think).


'00 WR400F, YZ Timing, FMF Power Core IV2

Mike, You see we DO have something in common, im also 5'8. I personaly dont like bars that sweep back so much, I tend to like the straighter bends, I feel it gives me more control but its all preference. I use a Pro-taper "Doug Henery" bend which I really like alot. The bend keeps my elbows up in a good attack position. Do you have a top triple clamp for regular bars or Pro-tapers? If you have a set up for regular bars you can have my Renthal "Jeremy" bends, I really like those too buy I dont use them any more, let me know if you could use them... :) Dan


Any thoughts on the Universal Adapter to use Pro Tapers? I'm a bit taller than you and Mike (6-03) and have heard the Henry bend is a good choice. I don't really want to dump the cash on a new triple clamp.


The problem with the universal adapter or even the 'standard' (Applied Racing +10mm)bar mounts is that as the bars are raised they are also brought back, closer to the rider. Try the Thumper Racing bar risers - they look kinda goofy IMO but the change in ergos is well worth the funny looks & money.


Mojo, Im with Brian on the adapters, Ron in Socal is much taller than I and he rode my bike and said that he really liked them alot. You might want to pack your lunch for a month and save up for the Scotts set-up. Im sure you would like it, Good luck, Dan

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