Just a note to all my fellow thumper lovers and dirt bikers in general. Before you go to a bike shop and shell out your hard earned cash for bearings, go to a bearing distributer (someone who deals with industrial and landscaping accounts).If you are not sure where to go, see if a local golf course will help. I'm pretty sure the steering head bearings (roller) in most bikes are still made by Timken. I still haven't found a bearing on any dirt bike I've owned in the last 20 years that I could not find a direct replacement. It may take a little time, but if you get ahold of the right person, they can save you a bundle. I recently replaced wheel bearings on an XR600 and I got the bearings from a place called bearings inc. They cost me about 1/3 of what Honda wanted for the same bearings. I'm sure any dealerships that see this post aren't going to be too thrilled, but they are not doing you any favors by marking up their products by 100%. Your parts guy may seem like he wants to be your buddie, but has he ever shown you what the shop paid for the bearing he just sold you for 20 bucks? Probably not. I know the shop makes its money from part sales but if they weren't so greedy, I would be willing to compromise. There are too many places to buy parts much cheaper than the bike shops sell them, and, untill the bike shops get a little closer to the actual cost of the parts, I will shop elsewere. Also, check your local lawn mower shop for spark plugs. I bought plugs at my local shop for my RM125(sorry guys) for about 4 bucks apiece. The bike shop wanted 12.00 for the same plug! These were the same platinum plugs Suzuki recommended for more than 20 bucks apiece!

It's too bad, but you are right !!!

You are absolutely right about Bearings Inc. I have used the one in Toledo with great results. The other place near here is Detroit Ball Bearing which has sales offices in both Jackson and Detroit. The toughest thing is to measure your bearing ID, OD, width, and type. Between that and a cross reference catalog, just about any manufacturer can match a bearing or seal. Don't forget guys, you can get any manufacturers bearing or seal catalogs through email. They more than gladly send them out for free, trust me, as an Engineer I have file cabinets full!

I've been lucky to scam bearings at work for free but if I can't find them there the the local bearing shop(GBS) has always been handy,

We even found shops here that sell same size caged needle bearings for the kawasaki suspensin links. They had the inner races as well. They were half the price of OEM parts. It pays to check around.

In general all manufacturers try to use standard available bearings where they can. They just dont want us to know the manufacturers equivelant part number.

A bearing shop will be able to supply you with the correct replacement bearing if you can at least give them the original. The numbers marked on the side of the outer/inner race of the bearings indicates dimension codes. If you don't have the bearing. Take the part to the shop and they should be able to take the appropriate measurments.


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