Change your oil every 1000 km???? I don't think so

The mainenance schedule says to change the oil every 1000km or 5th race. I'm just wondering how often you guys are doin it.

I change mine every three rides or 300 miles. Whichever comes first. The harder you ride, the more often you should change it..............db

The total oil capacity on the WR450F is only 1.27 quarts. That includes what is in the filter. Wouldn't take much contaminate to foul that small a quantity.

I change mine lots.


I change mine every other time I ride, or after every race. This may seem excessive, but oil is cheap. Clutches and engines are not. ---Mike

Every 300 miles or 3rd ride, which ever comes first. By then, it is plenty dirty!

Oh yea, I am riding one of them old 426 versions but I imagine they get dirty about as fast. Plus the 426 holds more oil, 1-1/2 qts.


Every ride reguardless, oil is cheap.

I change mine about every four or five rides (not on a race pace but hard riding) or every 300 to 400 miles (again not at race pace) come to think of it I can't remember the last change... :)

I've always changed the oil in my bikes every 300 miles or so but I use synthetic and it holds up well.

i go by the theory -if it looks dirty when it comes out you should have changed it already. third time you do it you should know by then. i dont ride that hard so i end up doing it at 400-450kms.



You guys are right... oil is cheap. So, how often do you change the oil filter??


Oil, every weekend outing (maybe 150-200 miles). Always.

Filter, every 3-5 oil changes with cleaning in between.

Keep in mind the clutch is wet. Crankcase and tranny are the same oil. Wear particles from the clutch are circulated elsewhere. Filter may catch some, but not most. And it all gets up to the cams and bearings. And it's all very abrasive.

Change your oil often, and these bikes are amazingly reliable for performance engines. If you choose not to change oil, you take your chances with reliability.


I used to think oil changes every 300 miles was outrageous but when you think about it: A quart of dirt bike oil is about $3.50. The bike holds 1.27 qts. That's less than 5 bucks. You put that much gas in the bike every ride - that is...until we OWN Iraq. The oil in my XR changes color after the bike has run ten minutes on new oil, so I don't let the color of the oil decide it. It shows that unlike your car, motorcycle oil plays a big role in cooling the engine.

I've used synthetic oil in all my cars and bikes for years. The color of the oil doesn't indicate that it needs changing. It's better to go by how far you have ridden and what type of conditions you ride in. I change my motorcycle oil about every 100 miles since I ride pretty harsh conditions. Even with synthetic, it's only about $10 for an oil cahnge.

What about this (WR450F):

Is it REALLY necessary to remove that little drain screw below the shift shaft? It took me 15 minutes to manuever the screw back into place and only a few dribbles of oil came out of it.

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