A little help please?

Could someone look in their shop manual and post the gear ratios for the WR 426? I've got an 02 YZ and I'm thinking about swapping out the gearbox. Thanks ahead of time!

here you go

Primary reduction system Gear

Primary reduction ratio 62/21 (2.952)

Secondary reductio system Chain drive

Secondary reduction ratio 50/14 (3.571)

Transmission type constant mesh, 5-speed

operation left foot operation

gear ratio: 1st 29/12 (2.416)

2nd 26/15 (1.733)

3rd 21/16 (1.312)

4th 21/20 (1.050)

5th 21/25 (0.840)

I hope this help make you fast and smooth.

Thanks a bunch. I've been wondering what they were since shortly after Yamaha removed the info for the 426 and replaced it with the 450 stuff (sans gear ratio).

thanks again

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