450 Too hot?

Well it was 65 degrees when I got home today. I went for a 20 minute ride, 2/3 road 1/3 simple dirt trails. I am running jetting the same as many of you 160 Main 48 Pilot. I pushed moderately hard especially when accellerating though the gears on the road. When I got home the muffler was very very hot. My 426 got hot also, but I don't think it ever got this hot. There wasn't any boilover into the coolant overflow bottle. I am at 300 ft above sea level. It seems like I may be running lean. I have standard airbox mod, Gyt insert and grey wire disconnected. What do you guys think

I noticed that too. With the GYTR in, the pipe gets alot hotter than when its out. I wouldn't sweat it. Like you said, there wasn't any boilover.

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