vermont registration for bikes

About five or six months ago read some posts on guys who were gettng their bikes registered in Vermont instead of their home state. What is he advantage of registering in Vermont, and how do you do it??cost??

Stew.....Go to Click on the 4 strokes only logo....Then scroll down the left side of the page to state regrestration info. click on it and look up vermont.....It has all the instructions, web addresses, ph. numbers ect that you need.......Hope this helps Angus..

I don't think Vermont is giving out these plates to just anyone anymore??? I emailed them a few weeks ago they said it could be done, BUT you would need to go to vermont and get it inspected. :)

I also heard they weren`t doing out of state reg.

About a 2 weeks ago I received my registration papers back from Vermont and I was denied. The letter from Vermont stated that the DMV doesn't register vehicles for off road only. I heard from other people that Vermont no longer registers off road vehicles. Luckily I was able to go to a local DMV and I guess they were so busy they didn't notice the title and they gave me a plate for my 02 WR426. Tony

Anyone know if this is true? I got my plate & registration from them earlier this year (I am in North Carolina). No inspection was necessary. Everything was via US Mail. I completed the forms and sent them the necessary documents (original MSO and copy of my sales reciept) and they sent me a VT plate, registration, and new title in the mail.

To answer the original question in this thread, the reason for going to VT is that they will issue a title/registration in spite of the fact that the MSO for most offroad bikes states, "Not For Highway Use". Most states will not give you a title if the MSO says that. After you get your VT title, which makes no reference to "Not For Highway Use", you go to your home state DMV office and get the title transferred to your state. I hope VT is still doing this, I'd like to be able to do the same thing with my next bike too.


I also heard they weren`t doing out of state reg.

Michigan is pretty leniant on registering bikes. Pretty much if you have a headlight,tailight,brakelight,mirror, & horn you can get a plate. You still have to get it inspected.

I know a lot of states are a bit tougher to get them passed. I got my yz400 street legal this year.

Here's a couple of quotes from a reliable source on the WDSRC bulletin board.

June 18, 2002:

"Yep, I just got word today from one of my customers; as of June 1st. the state of Vermont will no longer issue tags and titles to non-street legal dirt bikes. My customer submitted his request in March and they have made him jump through hoops to get it done. They told him today that as of June 1st they will no longer do this and that they were only doing it for him because he had his request submitted in March!"

June 24, 2002"

"I had a nice chat with Amy at the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. And I am sorry to report that the "Vermont method" [of vehicle titling] is history! We weren't the only people using Vermont; California and Connecticut also had many people applying for Vermont titles for converted dirt bikes. Once the Legislature found out what was going on they changed their law to prohibit future converted dirt bike titling."


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i just got my crf registered for the street in Vermont...just two weeks ago.

My MSO was Canadian so it didn't specify "for off-road use only" on it. This is what made things easier. Had it been an american bike, I would have to go to Vermont to have the bike inspected with all the street gear on it, in order to get it registered.

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