pink wire mod??

first off, already searched...getting mixed answers.

we have a 02 yz426 motor and cdi with a wr426 stator and flywheel. the stator has 1 yellow and a pack of 6 wires....

we DONT want to run a battery so the yellow lead will go to the headlight and grounded from there.

i'm reading TWO different wire mods for this....

1. cut pink wire from coil and solder to existing copper wire grounding terminal


2. unsolder grounding wire of the lighting coil, cut pink wire from coil and solder to grounding wire of lighting coil. then cut pink wire just before the harness connection where only one side will be grounded and not exactly sure where the other pink wire goes.

so which one?

i'm thinking choice 1. would be for not using a battery and choice 2. would be for adding a battery


I have done this but its been so long ago I have forgotten, hell I have barely ridden the bike in two years since the new stator. Any way look up in the wr section about turning a wr into DC system. If I remember correctly you need to cut the pink which will float the ground and one end will be grounded, which end grounded I can't remember but its on this forum so search for it.

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