Radiator repair

Early June there was a member who submitted a post outlining a problem that he was having with the smell of anti-freeze on his WR, but could not find the leak. I have had the same problem for the past two seasons but could never locate a leak nor did my anti-freeze level drop noticeably. While mountain riding in Cadomin Alberta this year the leak became noticeable but still not to the level of being problematic. The leak was right above the exhaust on the part of the rad where the fins meet the bottom reservoir area. Has anyone tried those stop leak radiator additives. I am very hesitant to add something to like this to the cooling system. Other then installing a new radiator $$$$$$ does anyone have any suggestions?

Send it off to, or call these guys. Their top notch. I don't know what your shipping cost is. But their repair service will likely be less then $50 US.


I wouldn't add the stop leak additives, those are for emergency use only and will do more harm than good if your thinking of using that as a permanent fix

Mylers radiator repair:thumbsup: :worthy::lol:

I'd use JB Weld on it.

Mylers for sure they have fixed three of mine each time no more then $75.00 . And it's a one day turn around.

Was out at hollister and dropped my bike radiator guards and braces still got a leak on my wr 450 first day on a four day weekend so i grab the pepper out of the motorhome and rode the rest of the weekend and the next weekend.:worthy:

throw alittle bit of blck pepper in there for a quick fix, if you are really worried send them off tho mylers, great work fast turn around.

Never heard a bad word about Mylers.

Had mine fixed at mylers. I wouldnt send mine any where else. Excellent service.

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