WR 426 stator


I blew the after market moose stator in my yz426 and figure that a WR stator and flywheel is the way to go. Ive been shopping around on flea bay without any luck and was hoping someone would know of where I could find a used flywheel and stator at a reasonable price. New parts cost an arm and a leg and i would like to pull the WR swap and not be broke. Thanks for you help.

That search will be difficult. There are a lot of people looking for WR electronics and transmissions for their YZs. When they make their way to eBay they usually go for a lot of money. I was in the same situation, after unsuccessfully looking for parts for 6 months I decide to just buy a WR.

won't you also need the WR CDI?

I don't think you need the CDI, but you will need a regulator to run lights.

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