Need help with starter

Feel like a real novice here. Have a 2003 WR450. Replaced the brushes in my starter. I thought I put it back to gather the way I took it apart. After reinstalling the starter, it won't engage the drive gear. Removed the drive gear cover, and found the started was spining in the wrong direction I know if you reverse the polarity, you can reverse the direction of the motor. I checked the leads from the starter relay, they appear to be correct. Any idea what I did wrong. Any help is greatly appreaciated.

you have the case that the permanent magnets are housed in ( armature rotates in ) installed backwards between the end caps of the starter . Check out the starter breakdown in the manual , there is a picture that clearly shows the groove on one end of the case and the direction that it should be installed between the starter end caps.

Thanks for your input. What a dummy I am. Will pull the starter and switch the coil housing.

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