07 wr450f road registering in Tassie

hey everybody, getting my bike licence, maybe

But ive heard that you cant ride the 450s on your ls on the road, even though i probly wont ride it on the road, parents would be more happy about me getting one if i said i would, but dad says you cant ride them on ls,

he says should get a 250f for my ls then buy a 450 down the track, but by that time i wont have the cash to get a 450f , ill be stuck without power like i am now on my 230, so any suggestions

Hey buddy,

I believe the Tasmanian laws have changed like the VIC ones, whereas you couldn't ride bikes over 250cc's. It is now done on the LAMS scheme. Last time I checked in VIC you could ride a WR450 on your learners.

Taken from the motorcycle handbook for Tassy:

"new and improved pre-learner and pre-provisional training courses which have more emphasis on thinking

skills and hazard perception

a minimum continuous period of 6 months for learner motorcyclists before they are eligible for their

provisional licence

an increase to the minimum age for getting a motorcycle learner licence from 16 years to 16 years and 6 months

a power to weight scheme (Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme i.e. LAMS) for learners and all riders in their first year after progressing from a motorcycle learner licence which replaced the 250cc maximum

engine capacity restriction"

Go here:


The WR450F is LAMS approved

yes the 450 is now lams approved, used to be only 400 but you simply had to write a letter and you would get an exemption, but you should be right....and so is Dad possibly...the 230 is a top bike but a fun bike and the WR 250 is perfect to do your 'apprenticeship' on....

but if you have been riding a while and are big enough to handle a 450... you 'll love it

yeh ive been riding for a while, yeh the 230 is a good bike, but some of the riding i do, it just seems a bit hard on the bike because the suspension isnt very good, been riding for around 7-8 years, had a few different bikes, but the 450 seems to be the option.

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